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Who else wants to use "cutting-edge" technology to lose weight fast?

"How An Overweight, Stressed-Out
Mother Of Three Demanding Children,
Lost 39 Pounds of Embarrassing Fat In Just
Six Weeks - And How You Can Do The Same
Without Wasting A Minute Of Your Day"

Order Get Slim While You Sleep-
Brand new technology for...
...permanent weight-loss

"Astonishing breakthrough technology for slimmers
takes weight-loss industry by storm"

Dear friend,

Print This Page-
Print This Page

A brand new, powerful technology for achieving permanent weight loss is
sweeping across the country right now!! You will uncover the raw power
of this method and how it will work for you, before you reach the
bottom of this page...

And what's more in the next 5 minutes, I will show you how to legally
"steal" this technology without paying a single cent.

First, allow me to introduce myself. My name is Jane Fielden, a
37-year-old mother of 3. Chances are you haven't heard of me before.
But by the time you finish reading this page, you'll be glad you
finally did. This could be the most eye-opening few moments you will
ever spend. Hang on to your hat...

...because Get Slim While You Sleep by Deborah Kerslake is simply

In a moment, I'll tell you more about Deborah Kerslake, why Deborah is
a weight-loss expert and why her audio course will blast your excess
pounds into the depths of history. But, it doesn't matter if:


You tried every diet going with no lasting success.

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You cannot reach day two of any program you start.

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You kill yourself at the gym and your weight just stands still.


You have zero discipline and just cannot get going.

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You are female or male, tall or short, confident or shy.

...It just doesn't matter because Get Slim While You Sleep will
skyrocket the weight you lose and keep off permanently. As you listen
to every word of this explosive audio course, you will be astonished
you lost a single pound without it.

One thing is for certain, a growing wave of excitement is sweeping the
world of weight loss right now. Get in at the start and you will be
miles ahead of every one you know. Discover the shocking reasons why

Choose your ideal weight
- and keep it there - permanently

Health and diet therapist Deborah Kerslake has shattered the weight
industry's code of silence into a hundred pieces. Deborah has revealed
the simple steps you must take to shed excess weight in record time,
keep it off - and be happy about it. Never before has anyone dared to
take on the industry giants and expose the dark secrets behind their
failing weight-loss methods.

Listen, in the past you had days, even weeks where you were able to
lose a few pounds regularly. And how did you feel when the weight came
off? Great, right?

...But have you ever tried to keep weight off after you have lost it?
It's tough, right? It seems like one step forward and two steps back at
times. Have you ever found that?

And as soon as a single pound goes back on, your diet crashes around
your ears and your weight spirals upwards again - at five times the
speed it came off. It's a constant battle. Have you sometimes wondered
if there's a conspiracy to keep you overweight...? Well, you may be
surprised by what you will hear in the next few minutes...

The simple truth is this; the weight loss industry does not want you to
reach your ideal weight, because then you will stop ordering their
subscriptions, classes, lotions and potions. So they only ever tell you
about weight-loss methods that are impossible to follow for more than a
few days.

But this is where Deborah Kerslake has a unique advantage that will
give you the killer edge over your battle with weight from this day
forward. Over the last two years Deborah has developed a breakthrough
method for fast and permanent, but safe, weight loss.

Day after day, week after week, hundreds of people contact Deborah all
desperate to shed excess pounds as soon as possible. And so Deborah
gives them - and is about to give you - an answer to the holy grail of
weight-loss, that is...

How to easily lose as much weight as you wish
without wasting a minute of your day

Here's a fact for you: 87.4% of people are unable to find 20 spare
minutes in their daily routine for more than 2 days in a row. I know
you are busy and your life is hectic with all the demands of work,
family and friends, right? I have a job, a house and 3 kids to take
care of, so I know just how you feel. I know for a fact you would find
it hard, if not impossible, to devote an hour every day to try and lose
weight, true?

And that is why the Get Slim While You Sleep audio course is designed
for you to listen in your sleep.

Deep and powerful messages are played directly into your ears over and
over again whilst you sleep. Whilst you are fast asleep, you soak up
everything you hear like a hot dry sponge in a cold pool of water.

Do you really hear anything
while you are asleep?

Everything!! Look, when a sound reaches your ears, it causes your
ear-drums to vibrate and pass signals to your brain. This is a physical
law of nature and impossible to stop whether you are asleep or awake.
Your ears just keep on doing their job of passing signals to your

When you are awake you can "choose" to block out certain sounds and
focus on others. For example, have you ever been walking down a busy
street whilst your best friend tells you a great story? You (your mind)
can block out the louder sounds of traffic and other people to focus
fully on their words.

But when you are asleep, you cannot "choose" what you focus on. Your
mind just receives the signals from your ears. An abnormal or shocking
sound and it wakes you to investigate. Any normal or comfortable sounds
and you are left to sleep peacefully. But your mind hears it all.

Listen, deep inside your mind, hundreds of mini "programs" are silently
running. Each with a separate task. For example you have programs to
beat your heart, grow your hair and make you sweat when you are hot.
Your mind takes care of all these tasks without you having to think. In
fact these programs are so powerful they do not care if you "want" them
to run or not. They just keep right on running anyway.

I'm sure you have heard of your "subconscious" mind, yes? This is the
part of the brain that handles all your mini-programs without your
attention. You have programs running deep inside your subconscious mind
which control your habits for eating, drinking, exercise, motivation
and many others which can affect your weight. And these programs also
keep on running whether you want them to or not.

And this leads on to perhaps the most important piece of information
you will ever discover about weight loss, that is...

The simple reason why every diet
you ever try has failed

Whenever you start a new diet, you choose to begin eating in a way you
would not normally eat - you are departing from your "eating" program.
But what you are really doing is: you are using the power of your
"will" to battle against your eating program. Your program pulls in one
direction and your "will power" pulls in the opposing direction.

So what happens? For a few days (a few weeks if you are lucky) you keep
your "will power" strong enough to beat your normal eating program. But
this is a battle you are destined to lose every time. Why? Because
FACT: your "eating program" is designed to be in control of your
eating. It is nature, it is hard-wired into your brain and no amount of
will power can change that fact - ever. This is why every diet you ever
try has failed - you are asked to fight a battle you can never win.

So, what normally happens when you finally realize you are losing the
battle again? You either quit or find a new diet to try and the cycle
starts all over again. Does this sound familiar?

Have there been times in the past when you "beat-up on yourself"
because yet another diet did not succeed? Banish those thoughts
forever. Now you can see it was never your fault. The fault was in the
method you were told to use.

This also applies to new exercise regimes you try. You are told the
same faulty methods and receive the same poor results.

Are you "programmed" For a
life of soaring weight?

Absolutely not!! Now listen closely because this is key. Some of these
mini-programs in your mind can be changed. Improved. Replaced with
"better" programs. Programs which can literally suck you towards your
ideal weight and keep you there.

So how can you change these programs, to give yourself the joy,
pleasure and all the other benefits of permanent weight loss?

Order Get Slim While You Sleep now. Changing these programs is exactly
what Get Slim While You Sleep is designed to do for you.

Whilst you are asleep the subconscious part of your mind is the only
part listening. This means there is a direct link into the part of your
mind that controls your habits for eating, exercise, motivation and
many others.

When you listen to Deborah's soft, smooth voice and subtle tones, it's
like being caressed from head to toe by the lover of your dreams. Her
soothing words melt away the stress and strain of your day. You are
gently guided into a deeply relaxing and refreshing sleep. Your
subconscious mind is then wide open to receive.

Get Slim While You Sleep uses your sleep to gain access to your
subconscious. It is designed to change, improve and replace the
mini-programs causing your excess weight. With your subconscious mind
working with you instead of against you, your excess pounds just drift
away. Can you imagine how delighted you will be when you see how well
this will work for you?

Order Get Slim While You Sleep now to gain the inside story about
weight loss from the only person who will tell it like it is. Warning!!
Be ready for a shock, because Deborah Kerslake is about to tell you the
truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth about what it takes
for you to lose weight and keep you permanently slim.

In minutes you will discover the reasons why some can lose several
pounds every single week, with almost no effort - and how
you can be one of those people by the end of this week.


How Much Weight Would You Like to Lose?

In a perfect world, what is the ideal amount of weight you want to
shed? Three pounds every month, two pounds per week, one pound each
day? Well what if I were to say you can choose your own weight and
easily reach it? Would you be interested to know more...?

But on-line you will find hundreds of people trying to show you the way
to lose weight. They can't all be right.

So how do you know what to believe? Have you seen endless offers for
the same tired, old solutions? They say:

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Just eat in moderation - (if only it were that simple)


Don't touch those carbohydrates - (hmmm)


Counting calories is the answer - (I wish)


Will Power. Exercise for 30 minutes every day - (smile)


Scientifically proven method... etc, etc - (How about waiting until the
"fat dissolving pill" is invented?)

Each of them tell you their approach is the only way. They spend all
their time arguing amongst themselves. That makes me chuckle - but
makes another part of me angry. Really angry! Because it's not what
they're giving you that matters, it's what they're not giving you.

By only showing you their own small part of the picture they're not
teaching you the critical skills you need to lose weight permanently.
Without these skills, even the most slim, most disciplined person in
the world will never stay at their ideal weight. But that fact is
silently hidden from you...until now.

So who IS correct? Who will lead you to the truth? What are the skills
you most need to learn...?

Well, allow me tell you a little about the revolutionary approach
inside Get Slim While You Sleep. You can begin to apply it today and
I'll guarantee you've never heard of anything like it before. It's a
fresh but explosive idea and it's what will finally make a permanent
difference to your weight..

It's called The Slimming Bullet and the excitement it's generating is
spreading like wildfire. I'll tell you more about The Slimming Bullet
and what it will do for you in a few moments...

An Expanding, Unstoppable Waistline

...But before you read any further, let me confess something: For years
in the past my weight soared out of control. My friends stared with
shock at the speed I gained weight. And I tried everything to get slim
- crash-diets, exercise programs, slim-shakes, juicers, night-classes,
slimming clubs. Oh boy give it a rest! Trying to lose weight was a full
time job.

But why couldn't I stick with any program for more than a few days? I
had no idea. If there had been an award for the world's most hopeless
slimmer, I would have scooped every prize going. You can understand why
my friends were staring, right? Needless to say, I spent many months
alone, feeling worthless and depressed.

Week after week, month after month, my confidence plummeted to new
depths. In fact I was considering a liposuction as I could not take any
more. The gut-wrenching feeling of despair in the pit of my stomach was
an almost permanent presence. Do you know the feeling I mean?

But then one day it happened, I remember it clearly... I met an old
friend, who looked so slim and healthy I was shocked. She told me about
a new weight loss audio course she had tried and the dramatic and
lasting effect it had on her weight. A skeptic, after all these years
of battling with weight, I'd heard it all before but took the plunge

Grasping Victory In The Battle With Weight

Oh boy, am I glad I did. In days it all clicked into place and there
was a hotlink to my brain. The method was natural, felt "right" and
instantly hit a chord in my mind. Talk about having a smile on your

In a flash my confidence began to soar and the results started showing
almost instantly. First a few lost pounds here, then a few pounds there
and all was going great... but then it happened. I hit my "wall" - the
mental place that always defeats me, the place I always reach just
before I quit - but then boom - I was past it in a breeze and there was
just no stopping the weight from sliding away. It just kept on going -
I was astonished and wondered where it was going to end. And all this
from the same person who just days earlier could not reach day three of
anything I tried. Can you imagine the feelings of joy this creates?

Get Slim While You Sleep was the audio course I mentioned. What I
discovered was such a collection of fresh concepts, such a breakthrough
in it's approach and was so jam-packed full of priceless ideas I just
had to tell you about it, so Deborah will do for you what she did for
me. In minutes you will discover for yourself exactly why I'm bursting
with such enthusiasm.

If you're like me you've been searching for answers to the
"weight-loss" puzzle for longer than you care to remember. But you have
a priceless advantage over me. Whilst I sat and waited for Deborah
Kerslake's lessons to fall into my lap, you've gone out and found them
for yourself. If she made such a huge difference to someone as lazy as
me, can you begin to imagine what she will do for a "person of action"
like you?

So what exactly has Get Slim While You Sleep and Deborah's methods done
for me? Well they revolutionized my thinking about health, gave me back
my confidence and demolished truck loads of embarrassing weight from my
bottom. But best of all, do you remember those stares of shock I
mentioned earlier? Well they're just a distant memory, because now I
know that...

Permanent Weight Loss is the
most life-changing skill you can ever master

Yes, get it right and losing weight is the world's fastest way for you
to put a smile on your face from ear to ear and keep it there -
permanently. Here's just a sample of what it could mean to you:


Eat what you want at mealtimes without gaining weight


Turn friends green with envy, as your list of admirers grow by the day.

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Wear what you want, go out where you want and do what you want full of


Heck, you could just lay around in your swimwear, looking sexy.
And that's just the start...

...Imagine what else these hidden skills
could mean to your life...

But listen up, because if you don't get it right, trying to lose weight
is the world's fastest way to drive you to despair - deep despair.

Believe me - the difference between top slimmers with bulging
confidence and those who cannot lose a pound all year is so tiny you'll
need a microscope to see it.

In Get Slim While You Sleep, Deborah Kerslake finally spills the beans
about how you can reprogram your mind and then drive yourself to month
after month of plummeting weight!

This is not the tired-out, washed-up, recycled waste you'll see being
pumped out by oh so many others. Get Slim While You Sleep is crammed
full of revolutionary ideas and little-known concepts that were hidden
from you until now. You'll be amazed at its simplicity, but astonished
at the potential rewards for you.

The chances are you've heard tiny snippets, but Get Slim While You
Sleep will plug the gaping holes you see showing in other weight loss
methods. It's simply light years ahead of anything else. You'll
discover how to suck away excess pounds with the power of a twister.

Master this astonishing breakthrough approach and you just cannot fail
to lose weight. And it's just so simple to understand, you'll be
kicking yourself for not discovering it sooner.


A "system" to Permanently
Slash Pounds From Your Weight

What would it be worth to you, if you could wake up refreshed, with
healthy thoughts, a burning desire to lose weight and the motivation to
make it happen for you?

Order Get Slim While You Sleep now and you'll discover how to reprogram
your mind for lasting success. How to think healthy thoughts and have
your mind working with you (instead of against you) to reach your
perfect weight. How to get yourself motivated to start a brand new
program and how to keep yourself going - no matter what happens. That
is the true secret of losing weight.

Deborah Kerslake has taken everything she knows about weight-loss and
boiled it down into a battle-tested, step-by-step, audio instruction
manual designed for one purpose - to slash pounds from your weight -
fast. These are the exact steps I used myself and on countless clients
of Deborah's since. They will work for you too - guaranteed.

No fluff, no filler, just facts.

But stop!! Because knowledge is useless. Yes you heard that right, all
knowledge is useless unless you know exactly how to apply it in your
life. In Get Slim While You Sleep you will uncover a simple to follow
"system" for slashing your weight like a boulder in free-fall. It's so
easy to understand you'll only need to hear it once to get going and
you can start using the methods as early as tonight!!

Can one audio course really make this difference?

Absolutely! You bet it can.

Listen, I'm not going to say you will lose 10 pounds every week and
never have a slip-up again. If anyone tells you that, please laugh at
them and show no mercy. I'm not going to say you will find unstoppable
happiness within two weeks or be out dating movie-stars with your
new-found figure.

I'm going to give it to you straight. My address and phone number are
on the bottom of every page of this web-site. You'll see I have a real
e-mail address and I answer all questions personally.

Believe me when I say that if Get Slim While You Sleep doesn't
revolutionize your weight loss, arouse unstoppable enthusiasm and
fire-up your life with non-stop pleasure then no other book, course or
training regime will. And that's the plain and simple truth.


A Breakthrough Approach To Weight Loss That's
Sweeping Across The Country Right Now...

Forget just about everything you've heard from the latest so called
fitness or weight-loss guru. You will waste hundreds of days and
hundreds of dollars trying to figure out if their approach works for
you. Get Slim While You Sleep maps out a complete blueprint for your
weight loss from start to finish.

In Get Slim While You Sleep the exact steps you need to take in the
exact order you need to take them are laid out for you to follow. Every
last step is explained for you in full detail from A to Z. Nothing is
left out, nothing is left to guess-work and nothing else is needed to
piece it all together.

Here are just some of the diamonds hidden away for you inside Get Slim
While You Sleep:

What's one thing you can do 8 times a day that will make the single
biggest difference to your health...? And it will not take a minute
from your normal day.

Gain total control of your weight so you never again have to suffer the
agony of taking a crash diet. You will finally have the strength to
live a normal balanced life.

Attain a constant state of deep relaxation and rest. Warning: stress is
one of the nation's most lethal killers. Learn how to let go of your
cares completely and live a long and healthy life.

Feel so great about yourself and your life, you will be bouncing with
energy and enthusiasm. Your friends will be so shocked they'll be
convinced you are taking drugs.

Sleep deeply and peacefully all night long - the kind of refreshing,
carefree sleep that sweeps away your woes. You will feel so vibrant and
alive, you will be unstoppable.

Tune your internal organs to their very peak of performance and
eliminate toxins in record time. You will be astonished at the
difference this makes to your energy.

Gain great health and optimum vitality which will last for the rest of
your life. This is no quick fix, you will feel great every day.

Learn how to fire up the release of your endorphins whenever you
choose. You will feel great, release tension and banish depression

Finally, grasp full control of the powerful trigger in your brain which
says "enough food". This alone is worth 10 times the price of the

Skyrocket the efficiency of your circulatory system, so you can call up
unstoppable energy like you are flicking a light switch.

Discover how to tune into the messages your body is sending you and
obey its instructions naturally. Surplus weight will never be a problem
again when you learn how simply it is done.

Learn the most important ways to treat, nurture and look after your
body like the temple it is. You may just be shocked at who will wish to
worship with you later...

The number one way to look your best, feel your best and be full of
energy. You will radiate such a healthy glow, people will be drawn
towards you like a moth to a flame.

How to develop a rock-solid belief that you deserve the very best life
has to offer. You will gain total power and focus to go out and get it.

Are your hormone levels normal and how would you know if they were not?
Uncover the power-packed steps you can take to normalize your hormone
levels now. This is worth its weight in pure gold.

Allow endless joy, fun and laughter into your life. You will be
astonished at how great your life can become.

Boost and develop super strength antibodies to combat troublesome
invaders. Common daily ailments will not stand a chance of seizing your
health ever again.

Delve deep into your mind and reprogram yourself at the very cellular
level to attract vibrant health and energy.

How was your body really designed to work? You will be shocked when you
discover how the truth is hidden from you by greedy insiders with their
selfish, vested interests.

Uncover how to set and pursue your target weight with such laser-like
focus, it is simply guaranteed you will reach it. This method is so
powerful, you will be astonished.

How to develop an iron-clad "will", so you will NEVER want to quit on
anything you try again. What would you attempt if you knew you could
never fail...? Warning: Be very careful what you wish for - it is about
to come true...

Accelerate excretion of waste products to run your body in its finest
peak state. There are few greater pleasures in life than feeling
cleansed at all times. Believe me, once you experience this feeling,
you will NEVER go back to polluting your body again.

At last, an end to bothersome allergens. These could be making your
life a walking misery - and you may not even know they're the cause.
Find out how to finally deal with and eliminate them for good.

Does your body think it is doing you a favor by holding onto excess
protective fat? The answer may shock you to the bone - and it is not
what you think. This one simple idea could shift more weight from your
body than the rest put together.

Smash away the blockages that control your life, sap your vital energy
and leave you feeling permanently drained. You will have the energy and
drive of someone less than half your age.

Anchor healthy thoughts so deep in your subconscious mind, not a cell
in your body will dare step out of line again. Your thoughts of health
will be firmly embedded, immovable and permanent.

Oh boy! And this is just the tip of the iceberg...


You could waste years of your time trying out tons of other methods,
diets and courses whilst your weight spirals out of control. Forget all
those, this is the only one that uncovers and exposes the real way to
lose weight with this amazing breakthrough approach.

You could be just minutes from uncovering the most rewarding lifelong
skill you can ever learn. And it's like riding a bicycle - once you
learn how, you can never forget.

But you don't have to take my word for it - here's what others have to

Get Slim While You Sleep gets rave reviews
from slimmers around the world

"35 pounds lost in 16 weeks..."

"Thank you for making such an amazing product. I have been listening to
my "Get Slim While You Sleep" every night since Christmas. I have never
been a great dieter and over the years the weight has crept on. The
audio has changed my way of thinking, no pills, shakes or expensive
foods and gyms.

I eat healthy normal small meals, three times a day. I am disciplined
thanks to "Get Slim While You Sleep". However other things have changed
I want to get out there and walk, drink more water and I seemed to be
focused on losing my weight.

The weight-loss is not overnight. (Good, I didn't want saggy baggy
skin) I sleep a lot better, I wake with energy and I no longer feel

In 16 weeks I have lost 35 pounds. Now at my goal weight I still listen
to you every night to keep me motivated and on the right track. What a
great product. Thank you Get Slim While You Sleep for giving me my old
self back again. No saggy baggy skin just me looking beautiful.

I have recommended your product to my friends as I think you treat the
whole person not just what goes into our mouths. Thank you so much."

- Su Morgan
Auckland, New Zealand

"Several inches lost..."

"I lost several inches and noticed my body shape change while using the
audio and program. I have noticed I am choosing healthier foods without
thinking and my attitude to food is different.

I now eat when I am hungry instead of eating out of habit and leaving
food on the plate if I am full, which is something I have never done
before. I also have noticed an increase in energy, motivation and will
power as well."

- Sonja Galsworthy
Surbiton, UK

"My clothes fit..."

I have now lost 8 lbs and I am so thrilled. I do not want to look
perfect, it is just nice to finally fit into my clothes!!

- John Richard
Massa, Italy

"Took me effortlessly past my weight plateau..."

"I have used almost every system of slimming you can imagine and my
collection of slimming books would fill a library, so I know a good
slimming thing when I see it (or listen to it)!

I love your product because it feels so effortless and because it has
not only lost me pounds, but it has taken me over that terrible 'weight
plateau' where I usually get stuck and give up."

- Joanna Wathen-Jones
Kent, England

You Don't Have To Waste Hundreds of Hours
Suffering, To Reach Your Ideal Weight...

...believe it or not this may even delay your route to a perfect
figure. You already know the vast expense of all the wasted books,
courses, diets and clubs. More importantly you know about the crushing
pressure of feeling overweight.

Order this remarkable course right now and you will be listening to it
within a few short minutes via our instant download.

Deborah Kerslake usually charges $100 per hour for clients to receive
the priceless benefits of her weight loss experience at her clinic.
Jam-packed inside Get Slim While You Sleep for you is every lesson
she's ever learned in 12 years of treating, talking to and helping
thousands of satisfied clients. That's 12 years times $100 per hour.

Heck, if there were only 25 hours worth of knowledge in Get Slim While
You Sleep, that would be a value of $2500. But in fact there are many
times more than 25 hours worth of value inside!!

I would have gladly handed over $500 for Get Slim While You Sleep,
because you can not place a price on the pleasure of feeling healthy
and looking great, right? But $500 would mean there's a chance you may
not order and you'll never benefit from the gems inside.

$150 is a tiny fraction of what Get Slim While You Sleep could be worth
to you but you'll be shocked and surprised to discover it's even less
than half this amount. Yes, you can start your amazing journey to
non-stop health now for the introductory price of ONLY $37!

What, am I crazy? For less than the price of dinner for two you could
skyrocket your health for the rest of your life!! What is that actually
worth to you?


This introductory price WILL increase without notice so please do not
delay. You'll be beating yourself up if you return tomorrow and the
price has doubled, as I cannot guarantee to hold this price past
midnight tonight.

Claim your copy today! This hour long MP3 audio course can be
downloaded and listened to instantly on any MP3 player, pc or Mac with
earphones or sound (you can even burn it to CD for free). It is worth
every last penny and more...

But stop!! To make it an even more rewarding deal for you I want to
throw in three killer bonuses. Take a look at what these can do for

Guaranteed Bonuses If You Order Now

Bonus #1 - A Dozen Mouth-Watering Dishes

Twelve of the most healthy, delicious, lip-licking tastes you have ever
experienced - all low fat and designed with your health and weight in
mind. All recipes include photos of the finished dish and are a snap to
prepare. Including:
* A stunning beef dish with a twist - it will make your taste-buds
sizzle with delight.
* Crush your "munchies" anytime you choose with a super-fast nachos
and salsa dip recipe. You can dip as much as you like - without
even a hint of guilt.
* A wonderfully light, spicy chicken dish - simply delicious.
* And many more (including vegetarian and vegan recipes).

Bonus #2 - Slimming Bullet Workbook

An e-workbook specially designed to use along with your audio course.
You will learn:
* The single most important thing to consider when dieting.
* The only correct way to set yourself a target weight that almost
guarantees you will reach it. Most people are getting this simple
step dead wrong. Find out why.
* And much more...

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Bonus #4 - Full Transcript of Get Slim While You Sleep

An Acrobat PDF file containing the full script of Get Slim While You
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* You could even re-record Get Slim While You Sleep in your own voice
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If you order right now I'll guarantee these incredible bonuses allowing
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Follow these step-by-simple-step rules and your weight will plummet
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will be itching for the next day to begin so you can experiment with
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FACT: Permanent weight loss is the world's number one way to great
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FACT: When it comes to losing weight, trying to do it the traditional
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Because no-one else has the slightest clue how to instruct your mind
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That's where Get Slim While You Sleep is pure genius. The best
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Get Slim While You Sleep has the unique ability to translate into "real
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In fact unless you lose more weight within the next 90 days than you
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means Deborah has not taught you correctly.

That means you get 3 full months to "test drive", absorb and apply this
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it's on its way - no hassles and no silly questions. You can even keep
every single bonus: "A Dozen Mouth-Watering Dishes", "The Slimming
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In fact I will even go further than that... After using Get Slim While
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Why would I make such a one-sided guarantee in your favor?

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Oh, how I wish I'd found Deborah sooner!!

A step-by-simple-step blueprint like the one you'll hear in Get Slim
While You Sleep would have saved me hundreds of dollars on crackpot
diets, years of wasted effort and what seemed like a life-time of
frustration battling with my weight.

In fact Get Slim While You Sleep contains everything I wish I could
have had before I first started adding weight, I would have never
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I will never again allow friends or family to try a diet or exercise
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Since you've read this far, you've already proven you are a "cut above"
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Trust your gut feeling and go for it! You'll be glad you did.


Jane Fielden

P.S. Remember, with the "better-than-risk-free" guarantee you can try
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bonuses. In fact if you do not see massive results within 30 days, you
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are trying Get Slim While You Sleep entirely at my risk.

P.P.S. Get Slim While You Sleep has fast become THE "must have" weight
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